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By participating or paying for a VR expierence all players whether that be minors or adults assume all risks involved in participating in virtual reality at imaginations vr. 

Assumption of Risk: The player or players in vr hereby acknowledge and agree that they understand the nature of the Event; that Participant is qualified, in good health, and in proper physical condition to participate therein; that there are certain inherent risks and dangers associated with the VR if you are not in good standing health; and that, except as expressly set forth herein, they, knowingly and voluntarily, accept, and assume responsibility for, each of these risks and dangers, and all other risks and dangers that could arise out of, or occur during, Participant’s participation in virtual reality. 

The undersigned have read this assumption of risk, and have had the opportunity to ask questions about the same. This Waiver document will serve all those participating in virtual reality and have assumed all risks associated with this activity. Any purchaser of any services at imaginations vr must adhere to all rules and Any and all players whether that be adult or minors waive any and all rights to bring suit against Imaginations VR while participating in VR at their establishment. 

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